Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been thinking a lot lately on how undisciplined I am in so many things, but my time especially sticks out to me. I waste so much time and spend precious moments doing pointless things with no eternal value whatsoever. But the worst of it is that I don't take or should I say make the time for the Lord that I ought to. So in light of this, and the conviction that there must be a change, I have a plan of action. I really owe this plan to one of my sisters in Christ, it was ultimately through a conversation with her and multiple suggestions that we came up with a plan.
So the plan(please feel free to ask me how I am doing at anytime, I would appreciate the accountability) is to set aside time in the morning for a shorter devotional time(reading/prayer/reflection) and then of course making time throughout my week to keep up on doctrine class reading/memorizing. Then as things progress I would like to start a more in-depth study time possibly in the evening....but I want to start small at this point so as to not fail early on.
So Lord willing I will start a pattern of faithfullness, I confess my own fears of failing in this, as I have failed time and time again, but I was reminded of the verse in James that says to draw near to God and He will draw near to you, I want to be near to God, and that means that I must draw myself near to Him, hearing His word weekly or even twice a week is just not enough! Reading by itself with no time of reflection is not going to do it either, So I am praying that the Lord will enable me to be faithful to Him! He never asks anything of us that He does not also give us the strength and ability to do! Isn't that just amazing and what a comfort!